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Our Story

How We Started

Balcony Pets was created by Nancy Carson in June of 2014 out of a need for a pet door for her 2 rescue cats, Timmy and Gordie. She has a health condition which makes her very sensitive to smoke, hot and cold air, and all of the other elements that come in when a sliding glass door is left open for the cats. Because she lives in an apartment, she had limited options for pet doors because currently most are made for permanent installation in homes.


After trying drapes, vertical blinds, etc. to try to block out the particularly harmful barbecue smoke from downstairs, she started testing designs and materials for a pet door and the Balcony Pets door started taking shape.


Many apartments have sliding glass doors leading out to a balcony which of course, is prime pet territory. A pet door that fits into the tracks of a sliding glass door and is lightweight and mobile is a product whose time has come.

How We Grew

As a lean start-up, our focus was on producing and selling the pet doors and learning as much as we could from our customers.  We worked on managing our growth so as not to exceed the demand for the doors but quickly found that even without beginning a formal sales and marketing program, these doors were in big demand.  A number of excellent team members joined our company; everyone contributed 100% + to making and selling our pet doors. Over the first year we made several modifications to the door and were selling them as fast as we could make them.  In August of 2016 we realized we would need to go into volume production to keep up with the demand.  Also in August, we upgraded our pet door. Version 3 is the best ever and we can’t wait to see it rolling off the production lines!

 Our People Make the Difference

We are so fortunate to have attracted such wonderful people to help grow our company!  Some words to describe them: hard-working, persistent, problem solvers—the ability to do what it takes to get the job done.


About The Inventor


Nancy Carson is a retired educational professional, a former teacher who spent the last 10 years in educational publishing sales and training, winning many national sales awards.


Nancy loves animals and has adopted many rescue cats over the years; Timmy and Gordie are two of them. She is particularly concerned about homeless pets and plans to donate a portion of profits to pet-oriented charities. Balcony Pets will be donating a portion of every sale to local and national animal rescue foundations.

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