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Announcing Our Newly Upgraded Apartment Pet Door- Available Now!

Note: If you look for this on Amazon, some of our old, discontinued doors are still there- don’t be confused. Amazon is sold out of our new door but they’re stocking up now. To pre-order this upgraded new door on Amazon, click HERE instead:

These are available right now by ordering here on our website. Click the blue link above.

We’ve been listening to you and know what you want.  Here are the details:

Much lighter weight panels- 7 pounds- but at the same time, more structured.

Different fastening system- much easier-practically fool proof!

New sturdy framed flap and magnet system

Special ‘lock out’ panel to keep pets in at night,

Purchase options include a GPS pet tracker tag with a very cool smart phone app.

Click here for information about how to use your upgraded Apartment Pet Door

Here is where we’ve come from…

Our previous pet door was awesome- in fact, we’ve sold more than a thousand of these and are totally SOLD OUT

Due to the high demand, we decided to go to the newest version right away- and give our customers exactly what they want.

Our original door was great – and the new version is even better!

Check this out if you already have an Apartment Pet Door

Here are some photos of our previous versions

We’ve come a long way… to bring you the best Apartment Pet Door ever!!


Here is the information about the GPS pet tracker tag and smart phone app- from one of the best pet trackers on the market! You Will Be Able To Purchase This As A Package With Your Pet Door- At A Great Price!