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Here is where updates will appear about our progress, exciting news, messages, and progressive thoughts about product development and company news. Check back frequently—and, if you’ve signed up for our emails, you’ll receive these updates in your inbox!

Blog Posts

  • Our newly upgraded door is out now! You can order it Click here to order our Upgraded Apartment Pet Door!  ...

  • Since we first launched the Balcony Pets pet door, we’ve been making little changes to parts of the door to make it easier to use. After over two years of work, we’re excited to preview some major design changes that bring significant improvements to the door. We......

  • A writer for Parade Magazine saw our pet door and loved it!  She decided to feature us in an issue of Parade Magazine (circulation 55 million).  Fortunately, our wonderful website person had prepared our site to handle the bandwidth and the visitors.  It’s been an......

  • Check out Modern Dog Magazine and the Balcony Pets featured product at: Click here ...

  • Super Zoo was incredibly busy!  What a huge event- we were glad to be there. As a new and very unique product, we got lots of attention. Here is a link to the video from ABC’s The Morning Blend which was featured on August 3,......

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